Huon Producers' Network

Green Dreams

Jono & Anna are city escapees who arrived in the Huon a couple of years ago with a dream, no farming experience and only textbooks to guide them.  Since finding their feet in the valley, they now manage a small, no-till, spray-free garden and orchard on the slopes of Cradoc Hill. Kept suitably distracted by their Border Collie, Diesel, they enjoy trying their hands at growing anything, with occasional success. 

At the moment, that includes an exciting array of vegetables, fruits, currants and berries, as well as eggs from their free ranging (ok, almost wild) chooks and ducks. Jono & Anna are particularly keen on pushing the boundaries of what can be grown in the Huon and on experimenting with new (and lazier) ways of growing and diversifying what they grow. They look forward to bringing surprising new treats to the market each season and introducing customers to more perennial and native foods in the future. 

As they develop their property and produce, Jono & Anna try to draw insights from nature and mimic natural ecosystems, while conserving and adding to the native species on their acreage as far as possible. They are interested in discovering how to integrate more Australian plants into permaculture systems such as food forests. 

Jono & Anna are also passionate about building a sense of community and sharing stories and experience with others, and are looking forward to hosting some of HPN’s training events over the coming year.