Huon Producers' Network

Cygnet Mushroom Farm

Started by enthusiastic local, Bec Bovell Cygnet Mushrooms began in a disused, cluttered apple shed and is now an exciting and growing venture.

The farm grows “specialty” mushrooms and in particular those that grow on wood or organic matter in nature. Some of our varieties include Shiitake, Chestnut, Nameko and several colours of Oyster mushrooms.

Our mushrooms are grown on an all natural imitation log made from local sawdust, grains and lime, and are fruited in a chemical free environment. 

Unlike button mushrooms, our mushrooms are grown in the light and can take up to four months from the start of the process to the final fruiting.

We have a fantastic team at the farm including Aileen Cowen who brings to the team over 30 years of mushroom growing expertise.