Huon Producers' Network

Big Gum Rising

You can find Big Gum Rising at the end of the valley in Castle Forbes Bay where, after a dozen years traveling David and Sandra have returned to Tasmania to once again live off grid, and talk all things goat and produce seasonal goodies they would love to share.

We keep a small herd of dairy goats, that we release from their nighttime accommodation to wander the hills in the arvo and like teenagers, we trust them to return come tucker time.

Our goats are a fully integrated into our entire permaculture based patch. We benefit from their weed management, controlling blackberries and other so called weeds, while our chooks thrive on their detritus, and eventually it provides great mulch for the vegy garden or aspiring food forest, or gets fermented into biogas.

Our produce is small batch, very seasonal and varies according to the browse available and stage of lactation, providing a taste, the terroir, of the region.

Please see our Facebook page Big Gum Rising for details of how you can share the flavour of Big Gum Rising.