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“The Market Gardener” by Jean-Martin Fortier


“The Market Gardener” by Jean-Martin Fortier


Shortcut to market gardening success with Jean-Martin’s acclaimed book.

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With his wife, Maude-Hélène Desroches, he runs Les Jardins de la Grelinette, an internationally recognized 10-acre micro-farm in Quebec, Canada. With only 1½ acres cultivated in permanent beds, the farm grosess more than $100 000 per acre with operating margins of about 60 per cent, enough to financially sustain his family. The focus at la Grelinette has been to grow better, not bigger, in order to optimize the cropping system, making it more lucrative and viable in the process.

As an educator, JM places a strong emphasis on intelligent farm design, appropriate technologies and harnessing the power of soil biology as key components of successful farming. A storyteller who can weave the technical aspects of farming with anecdotes from his farm, JM has facilitated hundreds of workshops, seminars and conferences in Canada, Europe, Australia and the United States.

He believes in replacing mass food production with food production by the masses.

The Huon Producers’ Network think this book rocks and that Jean-Martin is a rockstar farmer. Our So You Want to be a Market Gardener Workshops are broadly based on his book and we highly recommend it to new and established market gardeners. There are many mistakes to avoid and this book helps in navigating the pitfalls early on and potentially saving you thousands of dollars and hundreds of wasted hours. Five out of five stars and a high five.

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