Upon being made redundant in 2012 I decided to hang the construction boots up once and for all and follow my passion for growing produce.

After locating a suitable site on our small property in Dover I set about planting an extensive berry patch focusing on a variety of raspberries, currants, strawberries, blueberries and gooseberries. With the berries duly mulched, netted and growing happily I established another site for a large greenhouse into which I planted snow peas, radish and eggplant.

Between working on the garden and planting up the new greenhouse I spent the summer helping our neighbour in his organic apple orchard and was surprised at the amount of fruit which were discarded simply for being too small or the wrong colour. With my neighbour’s blessing I took bags of apples home and set about working out what I could make with them.

With some experimenting I finally came up with some really delicious flavors adding herbs and garlic from the garden and by July 2014 I was ready to hit the markets with a small range of chutneys, jams and pickled produce.