I live in the beautiful Huon Valley and life for me, like most people ‘living the dream ‘,is crazy busy in a rhythmic, non stressful kind of way.

Having spent the last year or so heading up the kitchen at Willie Smiths ‘The Apple Shed’ in Grove I have started up Señor Frijoles- South American inspired food market stall; expanded my home farming operation to supply myself with as much produce as possible and established a flourishing boutique catering business.

The concept of Señor Frijoles is to explore the incredible variety of authentic South American street/rustic food derived from an uncomplicated pallet of basic ingredients. The regional difference of the same product, such as empanadas, is a source of limitless opportunities.

I am also keen to explore the cross-over between similar foods from different parts of the world. Particularly how the same base ingredients and ideas (eg. rice and beans, savoury pastries) become quintessentially national (eg.Lebanese, Indian, Moroccan,Spanish etc) through the use of different spice/flavour combinations and cooking techniques.