Petcheys Bay Organic Farm is located on the lower Huon River, overlooking the Hartz Mountains.

We Darren & Ruth were fortunate to buy the established certified organic apple & pear orchard 3 years ago and have since been on a steep learning curve coming to grips with orchard management.  Our interest in growing food organically stems from our previous hobby farm where we grew our own vegies with a small orchard and gardened as best we could permaculturally.

The best way to describe our farming practices and philosophy is to keep it simple and natural.  We discovered over the years the best thing we could do for our gardens was to mulch, add more mulch and then more again.  Any time in between plantings we were keen to grow green manure crops and mustard crops for biofumigation.  What we basically learned by doing this was the simple fact if you create a carbon rich soil you create a soil teeming with life and that life supports all the plant life we grew.  This knowledge we now apply on a huge scale in the orchard.

In our spare time Darren and I are both artists and bought our little orchard at Petcheys Bay to establish an art gallery and teaching studio to inspire in others the skills of creating beauty in their life.  With the orchard we have found, we have an opportunity to share so much about growing healthy nutritious food and living life in balance with nature at its absolute perfect best.