Not Tonight Honey is a family business located in beautiful rural Southern Tasmania.  The bees spend the winter in Woodbridge and the summer foraging in the pristine wilderness of South West Tasmania. The resulting honey is pure and raw.  We keep it this way by extracting and packaging without heating the honey above its natural temperature. This preserves the delicate flavour, aroma and nutritional value, including minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

In 2010 on relocation from Western Australia, we purchased a house from an Apiarist who kindly gave us a hive.  Over the next three years we began learning the art of beekeeping and building up our hives.    We use natural practices in our beekeeping to make sure the honey stays as pure and raw as possible.

We currently have three types of honey available, Leatherwood, Forest Flower and Prickly Box.  These are all packaged in 700g and 310g jars.