We have a 200acre farm in a beautiful valley in Nicholls Rivulet, 8km from Cygnet. Our farm is about 3/4 pasture and the rest native bush. At the business end of the stick we tend our 3 acre orchard, 2 acre intensive market garden, and livestock. The market garden has a quite heavy, fertile clay soil well suited for vegetable production. The garden beds slope gently to the north and our abode is only a stones throw away.

Natasha and Scottee are full time parents, market gardeners, animal keepers, orchardists, and all round general farmers. We grow a wide range of veg in our market garden from artichokes to zucchini. Our young orchard has about 450 trees consisting of 30+ varieties of apples, 12+ pears, cherries and stonefruit.
In the market garden you will also find many raspberries, blueberries, jostaberries, currants and brambleberries. We have a herd of Angus beef cattle which we time control graze around the property and a mixture of ducks, chickens and turkeys for eggs and meat. We have tried our hand at pig production but are taking a break for a while.

We farm according to the Australian organic standard but have chosen to not become certified. We believe in direct marketing and that our customers are the best certifiers and encourage people to come to our farm whether it be at our farm shop or open days/events to check out how we grow their food. Feeding the soil and not the plant is our philosophy so we try to use minimal machinery to protect our soil life.

We farm, first and foremost, so that we can feed our family with fresh, nutrient dense, non toxic food that tastes great. When we first started growing many years ago, it was difficult to find good non toxic food that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Our plan is to find the balance between affordable food and a reasonable income for our labour. Working outside in all of natures elements is a truly satisfying life to lead. Having grateful customers who really appreciate our work is our main drive to continue. We feel it is our role in the community to provide food for others who may not be able to grow it themselves.

Our big picture goal is in establishing a fertile, productive and resourceful environment for us and future generations. We are developing an educational/entertainment space where learning and social interaction with the community can take place. Learning is something that happens every day on the farm for everyone who participates in it. We hope to inspire others to have a crack at it, grow their own food, get away from the supermarkets and taste the difference.