Huon Producers' Network

Huon Valley Trade Training Centre

The Huon Valley Trade Training Centre (HVTTC) is a proud member of the Huon Producers Network.

HVTTC delivers and hosts training in a range of industries including Aquaculture, Horticulture, Agriculture and Hospitality. One of our priorities is to provide hands-on learning activities for students and engagement with industry and community through the production of saleable products.

The HVTTC’s best known product is our Honey Bourbon Hot-Smoked Atlantic Salmon, available seasonally just prior to Christmas, or Easter, or both depending on our production cycle.

The fish are raised from fingerlings or eggs by students undertaking our Certificate I or Certificate II in Aquaculture course. The fish are raised in our land-based fresh-water recirculating aquaculture system and are harvested at a maximum size of around 700g.

The fish are then transferred to our commercial kitchen where they are gutted and then cured ready for smoking. The cure is a secret recipe of brown sugar, salt, herbs and spices, and honey-bourbon liqueur. After curing overnight the fish are then rinsed, dried and hot-smoked for about 1 hour over a blend of Tasmanian Oak and Applewood chips and pellets.

Not only are these fish delicious but they are a true value-added product, adding value to the education of young people in the Huon Valley.