Campo de Flori is a 52 acre sustainable boutique farm business high in the mountains of the Huon Valley, in the township of Glen Huon. This farm was carved out of the bush in 2010 by David Peck and Lisa Britzman. The Farm has a north aspect with rolling hills and a few flat spots. Soil test revealed organic carbon levels of 4.8%. Soils lay over dolerite bedrock. There are areas of clay deposits on the property.

They grow and produce extra virgin olive oil, table olives, several varieties of lavender, purple garlic, raspberries, blueberries and extra category 1 grade saffron. They built an Alan Scott design wood fired oven and pottery studio on the property. Crops were selected and planted to have produce in the different seasons on the farm. Lavender, berries and garlic are harvested in the summer, saffron in autumn, and olives in late autumn to winter. Saffron is sold to the Tas-Saff growers network and distributed through the network Australia wide. Lavender is made into a variety of products and sold at local outlets, markets and farm gate. Garlic is sold at the farm gate and at local market. Olives are made into table olives and olive oil and will be sold at local markets, retail outlets and farm gate. Wood fire Granola and breads are made on property and sold at farm gate. Lisa maintains a pottery practice on the farm and sells her ceramic art in several galleries in Hobart, the Cradle Mt. Lodge and online.

Their goal is to be a sustainable farm. This means not only environmentally, but financially and socially. Also of importance is to enjoy what they are doing and be a part of their community. Campo de Flori are members of the Australian Olive Association and David and Lisa both are actively involved with the Tasmanian Olive Council, and hold positions on the current board. They currently run an open farm day once a year, to allow people to visit and see how a small farm practice is run and to sample the produce.

PO Box 158
Huonville Tasmania 7109