Our dairy farm is situated in the pristine Huon Valley. We are a local and family  owned business that operates from Cygnet,and has provided milk to areas south of Hobart for the past 60 years. The family purchased the land in 1954 and began milking cows. We are now the only operational dairy south of Hobart.

As third generation farmers of this land and the fourth generation growing up here now we pride ourselves on caring for our land and our animals. Our small herd of cows live happy, healthy lives on our lush pastures.  This is why our products taste so good! Our Award winning milk is pasteurised only ; this minimal processing delivers to you a product that is as close to nature as is legally possible to sell. From this quality milk and cream we make our unique world class cheeses.

Our recipe (2Cow) milk is taken from two varieties of dairy cow, one being a Jersey and the other a Holstein. These two varieties are mixed allowing the more protein and cream enriched Jersey milk to be combined with the Holstein milk to form a more palatable and totally unique product.

Jersey milk is the most nutritionally rich milk available containing about 6% butterfat and is particularly high in calcium, Zinc, and Iodine as well as vitamins A,B,D& E. So our products not only taste good but they are also good for you.