Huon Producers' Network

e-market closed

‘Opening Hours’ are Tuesday 11am – Thursday 8pm every week

Orders are delivered to central spots in Cradoc, Cygnet, Glen Huon, Franklin, Geeveston & Dover between 3pm-4pm every Sunday.

An approximate time is provided for each of the locations at the check-out and verified via email.

Ordering online is simple. If you can’t make it to the Huon Farmers’ Market you’ll still know who you’re buying produce from.

We think it’s important to have a connection to the people who put all that love into what they do.

 (They get a big kick out of knowing you’re eating their food too).

You’ll need either a Paypal account or you can enter your credit card details through a secure site.

If you’d like to have an email reminder every week when the emarket opens – click here

It’s a great way to buy affordable, fresh, local food  conveniently and support your community at the same time 🙂